Skincare Steps(Routine) in K-Beauty Skincare

On Oct 12th 2018

General Skincare steps for K-Beauty is like 

(At night) 
Oil base Cleanser
- Gentle (foam) Cleanser 
- Exfoliating (twice a week) 
- (In the morning) Gentle Cleanser or Just Wash with cold water 
- Facial Mask Sheets (twice a week) 
you can skip hydrating process after this 
- Treatment products(for anti aging, brightening) 
- First Essence( Fermented or not ) 
- Hydrating toner 
- Lotion/Essence/Serum/Ampoule 
- Oil (for more hydration) 
- Cream or Moisturizer 
- Eye oil and Eye Cream 
Sleeping mask(at night ), Sun Screen(in the morning) 
- Make up 

I am introducing 2 Youtube videos for skincare routine 

which I think explains very well the routine for K-Beauty Skincare.  

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