Search guide how to find the products you want in our site.

On Oct 9th 2018

First see that our site menu is like above. 

If you know Brand, 
Please put the mouse over left side [BRAND] menu and move the mouse.   
Roll down the mouse roller(in the center of the mouse) to see more brand unseen

If you want to find [SKIN CARE ][MAKEUP] products of any brand,
put the mouse over [SKIN CARE] or [MAKEUP] menu and roll down the mouse.

If you want to find a special product for your (skin problem, makeup),
put the mouse over right side [TARGET] menu and click the menu for your target.

 Click this symbol to become a member and/or purchase.
  Click this symbol to search special product name, word, phrase, target.
  +    Click plus at the end of line to see all the items in the menu (in mobile) 

Thank you.